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One Little Word: HONE

I haven’t posted about it yet this year, and I’m honestly a bit behind already, but I signed up again for Ali Edwards’s One Little Word class at the beginning of 2017. I blogged sporadically about it last year, and this year I really want to do a better job of following through the whole year and keeping up with blogging about it — yes, it’s already April and I’m totally failing at it so far. But a lot of big things have been happening in my life beyond this blog, so I think that’s okay. 

I had a hard time picking a word this year, but I finally settled on HONE. This year is going to bring a lot of changes in my life, and I want to welcome in newness, but I also want to keep refining and perfecting the person I already am. I wanted to pick a word that acknowledges progress and process rather than focusing on an end point. HONE, for me, captured that idea of progress while also incorporating a goal of sharpness and clarity. It’s also a process that is done more than once, anticipating that the action of sharpening and shaping ourselves is something that can be redone and revised when needed.

I started out my One Little Word pages in a small scrapbook from Muji, but now that we’re a few months in, I decided to migrate them into a 6×8 Studio Calico album instead. When I started, I liked the idea of doing something a little different, but the blank pages felt overwhelming and made me feel like they were hindering the process rather than encouraging me to keep up with the project. I really like how my pocket pages are turning out. 

I failed at doing the February challenge in February, so I decided to just start when I felt ready — but then I accepted a new job in New York, and haven’t kept up with it at all. I might try again starting at the beginning of May, because doing yoga is really something I feel like I need as part of my daily routine, especially now that my life is swept up in the hustle and bustle of NYC.

I feel invested in really following through on One Little Word this year, because after setting some of these intentions, it’s amazing how many strides forward I’ve already made this year. I might be a bit behind, but I’m committed to catching up and sticking with it.

Here are a few more looks at my January pages: 

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  • Chera April 23, 2017, 11:05 am

    “Hone” is the perfect word for you!

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