How to Make a DIY Vintage Christmas Bulb Ornament

Earlier this year, I found a huge box of vintage Christmas bulbs at the Goodwill Outlet in Boston. I put them away until the holidays, excited to eventually make them into something beautiful. Here’s what I came up with! This super easy ornament DIY only needs a few supplies, and can easily be embellished with whatever you have in your stash, such as ribbon or yarn.

Crystal and I love decorating our tree, and every year I’ve tried to add some new vintage ornaments to our collection. I love how these handmade ones add vintage charm to our tree while also incorporating my own handiwork. Once you’ve made a few, they become extremely easy to make in batches — so make a few for your tree, and then a few extra to give as gifts!

Supplies needed:

  • Vintage Christmas Bulbs (these can be found at thrift stores, or purchased on eBay).
  • 20 or 22 gauge Craft Wire in copper or gold (such as this one).
  • Scissors (I love how well these ones can cut craft wire).
  • Embellishments, such as vintage ribbon, yarn, and tinsel (like this).
  • Optional: glue gun (such as this one).

How to Make a Vintage Christmas Bulb Ornament:

Step one: Cut lengths of the craft wire to approximately 10″. Twist the ends together to form a loop.

Step two: Holding the twisted end against the base of the bulb, use your other hand to twist the wire in place. Try to make as small of a loop as possible so that the wire stays secure.

Step three: Bring the larger loop forward, fitting it into the grooves of the bulb. Twist it again, several times, as tightly as possible.

Step four: Carefully shape the wire into an oblong shape. This will be how your ornament hangs on the tree.

Step five: Embellish your ornament! I used silk and grosgrain ribbon, tinsel, and scraps from my favorite yarns. This is a great project for using small amounts of supplies left over from other projects.

If you prefer, use a glue gun to secure your embellishments in place.

That’s it! If you make your own ornaments, I would love to see how they turn out.


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